Currently I am accepting requests through July 31st, 2021. If you are interested in me speaking at your next event, be it small or large, you may contact my associate and manager at or complete the form below.


Please include a brief description of the program/event, an e-mail and phone number for communication, location and date(s) of the event, as well as if a gratuity will be given and the amount.


It brings me great joy to spread the message of healing and hope and will respond to all requests in a timely manner.


Presentations include a variety of topics and are geared to many populations including the following:

Pastoral Care & Mental Health in the Church

Addressing Personal and Familial Mental Health

The Impact of Stigma in Society and Those Affected by Mental Health Difficulties

Motivational Topics adapted for:

Schools                                     Conferences

Organizations                 Churches  

     Other Events


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