475 Days

It’s here y’all! My final job offer has FINALLY come through! It has been nearly a 6-month process and I can officially say that I accepted a job as a Pediatric Psychologist in South Korea!


The flurry of activity has commenced. My household goods have been scheduled for packing and pick-up, my flight has been booked on the Patriot Express, and the “final” good byes continue to be made….


It hasn’t really hit me yet that in 1 week, I will be leaving everything and everyone I know and embarking on a journey that will bring more adventures, more friendships, and more memories. I am so appreciative of the many friendships and memories that were formed in San Antonio. As of December 20th, I would have spent 475 days in this wonderful Texan city. It is the longest amount of time that I have spent anywhere within the past several years, I guess I don't know how to sit still anymore. But hey, with moving comes adventure!

If you are wondering how to get in touch with me, there are MANY options. The best methods of communication after December 20th will be 1) Facebook Messenger 2) FaceTime 3) e-mail or 4) Blog Contact page. I will update you on contact methods once those details are solidified.

FaceTime: Connell.9@wright.edu

Email: mslconnell@gmail.com OR panamadctr@outlook.com

This picture relates to absolutely nothing! But, it was taken in Iceland and I love Iceland so I'm putting it here! Food for thought related to the blog: Are you willing to cross oceans to make your dreams come true? Are you seeing the world, fulfilling your dreams, living your best life? Or are you watching others live theirs?

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