Merry christmas &A HOW TO GUIDE TO CONTACT ME!

I love getting letters and all you need is regular US postage!

It looks like Christmas around the world is now over! My gift was seeing my eldest nephew open his Christmas present from his Tia! A child's joy is priceless! A lot has unfolded on this, my first day in processing. Between meetings with the realtor, opening a bank account because I had no access to money (long story), car shopping (I still want my moped), and other miscellaneous things, I am tired! I will update y'all on all of that eventually. But in the meantime, here is a one place reference for how to get in touch with me:

Mail: PSC 333 Box 483

APO, AP 96251-0005

WhatsApp: +82-010-7543-5783 (may have to try without the first 0)


GoogleDuo: +82-010-6898-2374 (may have to try without the first 0)

Facebook Messenger: Look me up by name

Kakao Talk: 82-10-7543-5783


Google Hangouts:

Marco Polo

Okie dokie! Hopefully those are enough ways to be in touch!

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