the buffet

March 7th, my household goods FINALLY arrived to my place! Now, my empty home looks like a large dollhouse with miniature furniture. The day started promptly at 8 when the movers and the truck with my belongings arrived. The movers removed all of the window panels in one of the rooms and after the lift arrived, they moved all of my things in. It was quite efficient and completed in about 30-45 minutes. After they placed everything in the correct location, they unboxed everything, they were off and I was left to complete the organizational aspects.

After a long week of work and getting settled, my friend and I ventured out to a vegetarian buffet. On of the major factors to remember when going out is that most restaurants close for several hours between lunch and dinner. I've seen a lot in my days but never have I ever been told to put food back, on a buffet of all places!

We walked in and immediately went to the restroom to wash our hands. When we walked back to the front, no one was there to greet us. So, we got plates and eagerly began dishing food onto our plates. That's when, out of no where, a Korean lady comes and says NO NO NO NO (I assume that's what she said). We look at her dumbfounded and she is telling us that we need to put our food back (we gathered that from all the hand's a real game of gestures out here). So my friend, in English of course, clarifies that she wants us to put the food BACK in the SAME large dish that we just served ourselves from. She holds up 3 fingers to indicate that the restaurant closes at 3 for their break. I sweetly notified her that it was 2:25 and we indeed had time to eat. In turn, the lady takes our now EMPTY plates and walks us outside to show us the hours. I once again informed her that we had enough time to eat. My friend told her that we would be done in 30 minutes. So after another game of charades and gesture, she shoved our now dirty plates back at us and we were allowed to eat (though she reminded us that we needed to eat quickly and be gone on time).

So there we have it. Another adventure in the books. One day, I MIGHT learn Hangul or Korean but for now, I'm just going to try to survive in these streets!

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