The Release

What Would I Tell My Younger Self Vol. 1


There are many different types of releases that we experience in life.

Emotional releases, physical releases, sexual releases…

Releases that impact our freedoms like rules and laws;

Releases that impact our wellbeing like vaccines and medications;

Releases that impact our livelihoods like products and pay raises.

Today is the release of What Would I tell My Younger Self Vol. I, an anthology I co-authored with 14 other dynamic women.

In preparation for writing my chapter, I brainstormed A LOT! On any given day, you could pose that question and there would be no shortage of answers. But that was the problem. How do you cram all that you would tell yourself into a single chapter? The simple answer: you don’t.

Time was beginning to tick and I eventually convinced myself that participating in this book project was a mistake. Through fear and anxiety, I contacted the lead author and informed her team that I would not participate. But when something is meant to be, it will be.

In January 2022, it was finally time to write. No more procrastination. No more avoidance. No more fear. I took the month off to travel and as I sat on the bench next to the Panama Canal, the message I wanted to share with each reader began to appear on paper.

While I hope you are touched by the book, I certainly hope that you are touched by the chapter I have written titled Rise Up: Own Your Story. It is my hope that as a society, we can overcome the stigma surrounding mental health. In sharing part of my story, I hope that it allows you to reflect and think about ways you can make a difference. Whether it’s being a support to others, becoming compliant with treatment, or beginning to share your own voice, we are not meant to be on this journey alone.

Happy Reading!

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