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It has been 4 weeks since beginning the journey to Korea and it has been busy! The first week was filled with touring houses, villas, and high rise apartment options as I could not stand the lodging provided on base. Why I keep getting stuck with drab, disgusting looking accommodations, I don't know. But, I found a villa and have been semi-settled there for a few weeks. One of the realtors took me for my first Korean meal. It was quite tasty though I didn't eat everything.

1st Korean meal. Traditional Korean meals come with the main dish and several sides. Some of the items pictured here are two types of Kimchi, potato, seaweed, fish, and oyster (I think).

As determined as I was to get a moped and walk everywhere, I had to cave and get a car. That journey started by taking the Korean driving license test which I FAILED lol. To my defense, I was given an old version of the driving manual and it did not have the street signs. They have zig-zag lines in the road to indicate to slow down (I missed this on the exam), the railroad crossing sign looked more like a Rorschach inkblot rather than a train, and Pedestrian Crossing and No Pedestrians allowed was the exact same picture with different colors. So, clearly I was not set up for success lol Needless to say, I passed with flying colors on the second try! So now I am apart of the driving masses and I hate every moment I am on the road. Traffic lights are mere suggestions, waiting 10 seconds before proceeding through a green traffic light probably isn't enough time as Koreans run red lights like it's in style, and you risk being rear-ended if you actually stop at a blinking red light. On my first expedition on the road, I was so kind to let a lady pushing a cart cross the road. To my dismay, she turned her cart full of supplies and stopped IN FRONT OF ME as we waited for the light to turn green.

I wasn't going anywhere anytime soon behind her so figured I'd snap proof of this ordeal

I am still waiting on my household goods but I am settling in nicely. More to come soon!

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